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Love and Happiness

One of the hardest things to do in life is to be honest about who you really are. In an age where our lives are constantly put on display, we carefully curate the best parts of ourselves to present to the world. We form our opinions based on collective consensus. We censor the parts of ourselves that seem to contradict the prevailing narrative. We silence our spirits and abide by unspoken social contracts to preserve our reputations, our livelihoods and even our relationships. To be truly yourself is an act of courage.

I’ve always tried to write honest music, but in the past, I often veiled my story and struggle in poetic imagery. Writing the songs for “Love and Happiness” was an exercise in the art of truth telling. I forced myself to grapple with painful memories and to face the tension head on. This album is my catharsis and also a celebration of sorts. A messy combination of grief and gratitude.

In the past, I always feared how people would judge my art and by extension, how they might judge me. But with this album, I don’t really care how it’s received because for the first time I feel like I expressed something truly honest. And maybe that’s the whole point.

Nevertheless, I hope these songs will be a little bit of solace in a world that often feels absurd and random. And perhaps it might even give you some courage to speak your truth. Go be free.


Love and Happiness is now available to purchase and stream.


  1. Jeffrey C Jeffrey C

    So, I’m sitting here at work, crying. I just listened to ‘Like This” and it just hit me right in my soul. It took me right back to my childhood. Being told that Jesus loved everyone…except me. Thank you for your music, your lyrics and your truth. You are an inspiration and a light to those who need it.

    • timbetold timbetold


  2. James Cunningham James Cunningham

    Remember that Grace means God is fighting for you. Be honest about who you are and listening to Him when He speaks who He intends you to be. Still praying for you brother.

  3. Nancy Nance Nancy Nance

    Just got your Anthology Set as a bday gift to myself ~ Thankful for your music, story, and living in your true self. Rooting and praying for you, Tim from NYC!

    • timbetold timbetold


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